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make me choose → voldemort or umbridge (asked by perceweatherby)

pike: your aptitude tests are off the charts, so what is it? you like being the only genius level repeat offender in the midwest? kirk: maybe i love it.


I think major tv and movie companies should just go around tumblr and hire people to gif their shows and movies because let me tell you the current quality of their gifs are ridiculous and they should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

You might belong in…


j o h n   w a t s o n


make me choose

klc-journei asked: star trek or mass effect


stid color study 2 [inspired by x & x]


Treat her like a lady and she'll always bring you home.

You will always be a child of two worlds

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The Ruining of my Life

Pandoraylam (or Aylam), twentysomething, Spain.

Last main blog ImHapppyAndProud

Likes? Mostly slash ships:
Teen Wolf (Sterek),

Supernatural (Destiel),

Sherlock (Johnlock),

Merlin (Merthur),


Misha Collins,

New Girl makes me laugh so hard,
Baek Dong Soo (DongSoo-YeoUn),
LeeSsang, Kase.O ...and yeah, too many things.


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